Enhancing Türkiye’s Economic Trade and Financial Relations with India and South Asian Nations

Enhancing Türkiye’s Economic Trade and Financial Relations with India and South Asian Nations

September 5, 2023

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Türkiye, a geographically strategic nation bridging Europe and Asia, possesses immense potential for expanding its economic trade and financial ties with India and other South Asian countries. In recent years, India has emerged as a global economic powerhouse, while countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal have also demonstrated significant growth. Strengthening economic cooperation with South Asian nations, especially India, presents Türkiye with promising opportunities for mutual benefits and a diversification of trade partnerships. In this article, we will explore key avenues to advance Türkiye’s economic trade and finance relations with India and other South Asian nations, focusing particularly on the potential of collaboration with India.

Expanding Trade Agreements:

To bolster economic relations, Türkiye should actively pursue the negotiation and expansion of trade agreements with India and other South Asian countries. India’s vast consumer market and emerging middle class provide an attractive prospect for Turkish exporters. Furthermore, harmonizing regulations, reducing tariffs, and easing customs procedures would facilitate increased trade between the two nations. Exploring the possibility of a comprehensive free trade agreement between Türkiye and India could be a game-changer in expanding bilateral trade.

Strengthening Sectoral Cooperation:

Identifying and prioritizing sectors for collaboration is vital for deepening economic ties. Türkiye and India can leverage their respective strengths in sectors such as automotive, textiles, engineering, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and tourism. Joint ventures, technology transfer, and sharing best practices would pave the way for increased cooperation and investment between the two countries. Establishing industry-specific working groups and business forums can promote dialogue and foster partnerships.

Promoting Investment Opportunities:

Türkiye offers a strategic location and a favorable investment climate, making it an attractive destination for Indian businesses seeking to expand their global presence. Türkiye can showcase its infrastructure projects, such as the Istanbul Finance Center and Istanbul Airport, as investment opportunities to Indian investors. Additionally, encouraging Turkish companies to invest in South Asian nations and vice versa would foster bilateral trade and create employment opportunities.

Strengthening Financial Cooperation:

Enhancing financial cooperation is essential to support and sustain increased trade between Türkiye and India. Both countries can explore avenues for collaboration in banking, insurance, capital markets, and fintech. Encouraging financial institutions to establish representative offices or subsidiaries in each other’s countries would facilitate smoother transactions and strengthen economic ties. Promoting cross-border investments and fostering cooperation between central banks can ensure stability and resilience in the financial sector.

Boosting Cultural Exchanges:

Cultural and people-to-people exchanges play a crucial role in building trust and fostering long-term economic relations. Türkiye and India can facilitate student exchange programs, cultural festivals, and tourism initiatives. Strengthening people-to-people connections can create a deeper understanding of each other’s cultures, leading to increased business collaborations and tourism flows.

Leveraging Connectivity and Infrastructure Development:

Improving air and maritime connectivity between Türkiye and South Asia, with a focus on India, will significantly enhance trade and tourism. Exploring direct flight connections and maritime routes can reduce logistics costs and transit times. Additionally, leveraging infrastructure projects, such as the Trans-Caspian East-West-Middle Corridor Initiative shortly named as “The Middle Corridor”, can create new trade routes and boost connectivity between Türkiye and South Asian countries.


Türkiye’s proactive engagement with India and other South Asian nations holds immense potential for advancing economic trade and financial relations. By expanding trade agreements, strengthening sectoral cooperation, promoting investment opportunities, enhancing financial cooperation, boosting cultural exchanges, and leveraging connectivity and infrastructure development, Türkiye can forge deeper economic ties and unlock mutually beneficial opportunities. The growing economic dynamism of India and South Asian countries offers a promising future for Türkiye to diversify its trade partnerships and reap the benefits of a prosperous and interconnected global economy.

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Consul General of the Republic of Türkiye in Mumbai

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