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One of the Bombay Chamber’s publications called SHE Bulletin used to feature articles on issues related to the environment, safety in the workplace and health, typically occupational health. With the reorganization of committees, three committees namely Safety and Security, CSR and Environment, Safety and Health have been consolidated and renamed as the Sustainability Committee. The reconstituted larger committee felt that the publication should also carry a new name and feature issues on Sustainability which today over rides even the tern CSR. Hence the SHE Bulletin has been re-christened as “SQ-raising the Sustainability Quotient” to cover the larger issues far beyond Safety, Health & Environment.

Through this Bulletin, we will endeavor to bring forth the various dimensions and challenges of Sustainable Development, covering knowledge based articles, success stories, best practices, legal & policy updates etc which would benefit all our member companies.

SQ_Circular Economy_ Vol V
SQ_Circular Economy_ Vol IV
SQ_Circular Economy_ Vol III
SQ_Circular Economy_ Vol II
SQ_Circular Economy_ Vol I
SQ Vol V  No 3
SQ Vol V  No 2
SQ Vol V  No 1
SQ Vol IV  No 4  October - December 2015
SQ Vol IV  No 3  July - September 2015
SQ Vol IV  No 2  April - June 2015
SQ Vol IV  No 1  Jan - March 2015
SQ Vol IV  No 4 October - December 2014
SQ Vol IV No 3 July- September 2014 
SQ Vol IV No 1 April-June 2014
SQ Vol IV No 1 January-March 2014 
SQ Vol III No 4 October-December 2013
SQ Vol III No 3 July-Sept 2013
SQ Vol III No 2 April-June 2013
SQ Vol III No 1 January-March 2013
SQ October-December 2012
SQ July Sep 2012
SQ Apr Jun 2012
SQ Jan Mar 2012
SQ Oct Dec 2011


Ms. Usha Maheshwari,

Joint Director,
Tel. :49100214

Email :



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