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E- Services

Economic Updates, Inflation Updates, E-Information Service –

  • E-Info Service- Dearness Allowance

  • Update on key financial indicators like CRR, Currency Fluctuation, WPI & CPI

  • Economic financial development



Business Services:

Certificate of Origin - Issue of Certificate of Origin in respect of goods exported from India. 

Visa Facilitation - Bombay Chamber provides Visa Facilitation, now also available online. 

Delegations - Opportunity to participate in Trade fairs, exhibitions, B2B meetings. 

Attestation - Export Documents like Invoices, Packing List, Declaration etc.




Advisory Services

Labour Advisory Services - Services in matters pertaining to industrial and labour relations. 

Detailed below are the various services provided to companies:

  • Representation & Appearance in Courts

  • Legal Opinions & Consultative Advice

  • Arbitration in Labour Matters

  • Digest of Labour Laws, Decisions & Allied Matters


                                                  Arbitration & Mediation Services

  • An alternative dispute resolution service

  • Arbitrate in the settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between parties willing or agreeing to abide by the judgment and decision of the Chamber



Training & Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services-

  • ‘C’ level consultants with affordable costs

  • Specific experience relevant to organizations needs

  • Guide company management to achieve their aspirations to increase their business





  • Executive Training and Development Programs for employees of its member companies

  • Enhance professional competence and to enable up gradation of skills

  • In Collaboration with K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research and Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research




Secretarial Services

Container Shipping Lines Association (India), popularly known as CSLA, is an eminent association of container shipping lines operating in India which presently has 34 members. The Bombay Chamber of Commerce & Industry as its allied services, provide Secretarial Service to CSLA.




Code of Ethics

Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry developed Code of Ethics in an endeavour to enhance Corporate Governance for our members companies. Code of Ethics is a vital document for small and large-scale industries which helps in decision-making for the organisation. Here at Bombay Chamber we promote our member companies to adopt the code of ethics and integrate it in their operations





The Chamber has various monthly, Bi- monthly and quarterly publications which are available to the members at cheaper rates.


Advertise in one of our publications, our website and/or our offices.
Check out our Publications.


For Advertisements Contact:
Mr. S. Jaikumar,  61200209,



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