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Sr. No Court Subject View
 1 Supreme Court Supreme Court holds Employer liable, under Motor Vehicles Act, for permitting driver to drive with an expired license  Clilck Here
 2 Supreme Court  E-Gazette - Time of uploading would be relevant for enforcement  Clilck Here
 3 Supreme Court No inherent right to compassionate appointment but rather, it is a right based on certain criteria, especially to provide succor to a needy family Clilck Here
 4 Supreme Court Territorial jurisdiction in a cheque bouncing case Clilck Here
 5 Supreme Court Supreme Court quashes Gujarat Notification exempting factories from paying overtime during lock down Clilck Here
 6 Supreme Court The Financier continues to remain the owner of a vehicle, covered by a hire purchase agreement till all the hire installments are paid Clilck Here
 7 Madras High Court An advocate who acted professionally as per the instruction of his or her client cannot be made criminally liable for offence of defamation Clilck Here
 8 Bombay High Court  In IPR matters where a plaintiff has had enough notice and yet chooses to move at the eleventh hour the plaintiff must be prepared to face the consequences. Clilck Here
 9 Bombay High Court Complaint registered under similar crime cannot be considered to prove that a prima facie crime is committed and while registering an FIR it would depend on nature of allegation, material available on record and based on it the necessary inference to be drawn   Clilck Here
10 Supreme Court Mere inclusion of candidate in a selection list does not confer upon them a vested right to appointment  Clilck Here
11 Supreme Court Once a suit for specific performance has been filed, any delay as a result of the court process cannot be put against the plaintiff as a matter of law in decreeing specific performance Clilck Here
12 Madras High Court Experience certificates issued to contract labour by an officer not competent to do so cannot be relied as evidence Clilck Here
13 Madras High Court Expenditure incurred by the assessee on lease premises towards civil works, furniture, is a not a capital expenditure Clilck Here
14 Supreme Court Stay granted by any court including the High Court automatically expires within a period of six months unless extension is granted for good reason Clilck Here
15 Supreme Court A proposer who seeks to obtain a policy of life insurance is duty bound to disclose all material facts and specific disclosure of pre-existing ailments Clilck Here



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