Webinar on Becoming a World Class Leader

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Event Details

Webinar on Becoming a World Class Leader - Aug 20, 2021

Introduction :

There is a reason you were promoted and given the responsibility you have; the company saw something in you which made them believe that you can manage and lead a troop of managerial employees. But, for you it hasn't been that easy. You have realized that leading people is a highly challenging task. You have to deal with attitude problems, performance and accountability issues, internal egos and fights, staff gossips, and to add to this, you are held accountable for all this. If they do not meet the expectations of the company, you are directly answerable. This training equips you as a senior leader with first identifying the causes of such issues and then providing you with solutions in forms of teachings, tools, skills and realizations that the best leaders in the world understand and utilize to build phenomenal highly-impactful and driven teams. This training is a MUST if you are a senior level leader/manager.

Time :  3.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Objectives :

What ‘you’ can do alone is nothing compared to what ‘we’ can build together. Working together doesn’t necessarily mean being similar. Instead, leadership is more about complementing and utilizing unique strengths of each team member in the group to result in peak performance. Can you think of one successful individual, company, family, or a country that has poor or no team work? Today we, as responsible leaders, spend time learning and working together to build a culture of leadership.

Topics Covered :
  •   The below will be delivered with videos, polls, presentation, speech, interaction, and activities in breakout rooms

  •   Leaders are not just good people, they are good coaches.

  •   Managers love complexity while leaders are more powerful because they know how to keep things simple.

  •   Leaders are not busy; they are influencers.

  •   Confident Leaders Don't Get Affected By Appreciation Or Criticism in tough Decision Making.

  •   Leaders are master story tellers.

Key Takeaways :
  •   Realizing the power of leadership and one’s shortcomings to improve upon post the session.

  •   Coming up with a practical execution plan to start utilizing the learnt principles.

  •   Adjusting modus operandi to be a successful leader.

  •   Commitment to continuous learning through mastermind/book clubs.

  •   Focusing on one’s legacy by giving back through teaching others.

Who should attend ?

CXO Level, HR Manager, Management Team, Start-up, Entrepreneurs, Sales Manager.

Mr. Ashish Janiani, is a 26+ country PRISM certified transformational coach, soft skills expert, and sales leader with 15+ years of experience in management training, consulting and business expansions. He has personally conducted over 1500+ trainings across 28 cities in India and with over 30,000+ people expertising in sales, stress management, presentation skills, people management,  company culture, staff gossips, anxiety, fear, attitude, time management and leadership. Ashish Janiani is one of the top corporate trainers in India.  His dynamic leadership skills combined with his knack of corporate understanding has earned himthe reputeof being one of the most sought after names in thefieldof 'Training & Development' with 25,ooo plus followers across various social media platforms. He hasbeen covered on Business Standard, SpeakIn, Inventiva, HealthSite, Quint besides been a special invited speaker with top colleges and universities across India. including IIT Bombay, NM, Bombay Teacher’s College,CADD Centres, and many more.

Webinar details will be provided to the participants, after registration.


Ms. Shruti Rathod

Email : shruti.rathod@bombaychamber.com


Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 1,500 + 18% GST  
Non-Members  Rs. 1,700 + 18% GST 

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