Professional Virtual Course on writing effective business emails

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Professional Virtual Course on writing effective business emails - Sep 01, 2020

Introduction : 

It has always been said that, "We only have one chance to make a first impression." In today's business world, that first impression is often in the form of an email.

This critical first impression is not just of the person hitting send, but potentially the entire organization. This may be the receiver/customer's first inside look at the company's:

  • Professionalism — including the desire to create a professional image. If basic written information is not professional, how can the potential customer assume that you will represent your work with them professionally?

  • Quality and attention to detail — for some readers, sloppy attention to the English grammar and structure of written communication will raise questions about your group's attention to quality in other areas of business.

  • Level of understanding of the customer and issues — it should be clear that the writer grasps the topic being discussed and the customers' areas of interest.

  • Sensitivity to the busy schedules the customer faces day-to-day — many business leaders report that they are consumed with email. Concise and efficient emails can make a powerful and positive impression.

  • Ability to organize and communicate complex issues — most readers will not have time or patience to try to sort out the writer's intent. Logical organization of information is critical.

Topics covered : 
Introduction :
  •   Evaluate Your Email Usage

  •   Workshop Objectives

Introduction to Email Etiquette :
  •   Email is Never Secure

  •   Big Brother May be Reading Your Email

  •   Productivity is Lost When Cyber-Slackers Log-on

  •   Email Misuse and Abuse May Get You Fired

  •   Email Can be Embarrassing

  •   Email Abuse Impacts Revenues and Reputations

  •   Email is Easily Misinterpreted

Create Structure for Success :
  •   Forward-To-CC-BCC

  •   Urgent

  •   ! High Importance vs Low Importance

  •   Subject

  •   Salutation

  •   Introduction – Body – Conclusion

  •   Signature

  •   Draft

  •   Time Delays

Rules of Thumb :
  •   Effective Subject lines: Tell Me What You Need

  •   One Page View Only

  •   Average 15 Words per Sentence

  •   As Short as Possible – Avoid Extra Words

  •   2 – 3 Lines per Paragraph Maximum

Grammar Perfect :
  •   Using Spell Checker

  •   Check for Simple Sentences

  •   Use the Active Voice

  •   Use of Punctuation

  •   Use of Emoticons

  •   Use of Text Talk


Formatting your Email Message :
  •   Email Style

  •   Writing the Email

  •   Selecting Your Format Settings

  •   Choose the Right Font

  •   Select Appropriate Colours

  •   Enhancing Readability

  •   Avoid All Upper – or Lowercase Letters

  •   Arranging Text into Vertical Lists

  •   Sending Attachments with Care


Broadcast Emails :
  •   Branding

  •   Importance of Branding and Consistent Subject Headings

Proofreading Does Pay :
  •   A Proofreading Primer

  •   How Peer Review Can Help

Polishing Your Cyber Manners :
  •   Watch your Cyber Language

  •   Avoiding Sexist Language

  •   Set the Right Tone

  •   Dodging Conversational Pitfalls

  •   Extinguishing Flames


Netiquette Guidelines:
  •   Reviewing Netiquette Guidelines

  •   Netiquette Guidelines for Managers

Managing Email Overload :
  •   Controlling Your Inbox Clutter

Who Should Attend ?

The Email Writing skills training course is designed for everyone who writes emails as part of their working day.

Shastry is known for her training passion and humorous bones in her circle. A post graduate in English she started off in the Education, trained internationally, toyed with content development, and worked as an Academic Head for Stanford English Academy on Pan India International Students Skill Development. She carries almost two decades work experience including international training.

Webinar details will be provided to the participants, after registration.


Mr. Ajay Balgi

Email :

Ms. Minal Khadilkar / Mr.Pravin Rane

Email :

Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 1500 + 18% GST  
Non-Members  Rs. 2500 + 18% GST 

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