Webinar on Inertia to Immunity: Online Bootcamp for COVID Crisis

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Event Details

Webinar on Inertia to Immunity: Online Bootcamp for COVID Crisis - Jun 23, 2020


In today’s time, the pandemic has altered all the set notions and beliefs of mankind as a collective. We have to fight many battles which includes mental and emotional health too as social distancing is not easy and the constant stress & fear is weakening our immunity. As employees work from home, a new range of skills is required to be learnt by them to ensure both wellness and productivity go hand in hand. When we creatively fill the emotional, mental & physical aspects of our lives we tap into the body's wisdom for self-healing & restoration.


The aim of the program is to provide a highly engaging comprehensive program for the participants to initiate into creative lifestyle changes for building immunity, harnessing productivity of the mind and nurture their emotional intelligence for a serene mindset. 

Program Objective:

Fortification of the body’s vitality is the need of the hour. Fear, panic, anxiety not only affects the immunity but also the professional productivity. When the emotional, mental, physical cups are filled with awareness it helps the body to come back to homeostasis.  Since, the body is like a thermostat, it has the capacity to adjust and adapt and come back to its most productive state. Breathe Hygiene, Yogic movements with brain Sharpening techniques while acting as agents of stress release also helps the mind to be more focused, connected. and generates happy hormones within the body. 


Program Content:

Over the 120 min of 2 classes over 2-days including self-practice, the participants will undergo experiential training where in the latest techniques drawn from multidisciplinary subjects like cognitive behavioral science, mindfulness, yoga, Ayurveda, art based therapy and emotional intelligence are synthesized enabling a visible holistic growth. The sessions will be curated under the following headings:

Understanding of Immunity during COVID.

Harvard Medical center recommended Breathe Hygiene techniques.

Body-Mind Connection techniques for mindfulness.

Exercises for increasing brain power for professional productivity.

The power of the subconscious mind for fearlessness.

Coordination of breath with movements on rhythm.

Social and creative engagement tools.                                                

Program Benefits:

Stress relief

Immunity boosting

Connectivity in social distancing

Preventive Energizing techniques.

Relaxation Techniques for cognitive well-being.

Neurological methods to enhance brain- body connection.

Reduced pain and suffering.

Improved home-work balance.

Program Duration:

Total time: 120 min each for 2 days = 240 min of total practice.

The participants will take up creative assignments as a part of the programme 

Coach Bio:

Capt. Sumisha Shankar is an Ex-Army Officer, a holistic wellness practitioner, International Dance Meditation teacher & founder of Antardhwani. She has a unique approach of combining the world of science, military ethics and Indian wisdom of Yogasutras for creating highly inspiring immersive sessions for her audience. Sumisha has traveled with her workshops to countries like South Africa, Netherlands, Suriname, Mauritius and Trinidad &Tobago; and have worked with prestigious organizations like IBM, Mauritius Police, Jaguar, JLT and Mercedes Benz to name few. She is a +900 RYT Advanced Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and a QCI certified Yoga professional. She has also a Master's degree in Indian Classical Dance (Kathak). Back in 2013 and is currently a visiting faculty for the Advanced Teacher’s Training course at The Yoga Institute, Santacruz. She has been featured in VOGUE India, India Today, Femina, TOI, Hindustan times, Deccan Chronicle & NDTV.


Contact :
Ms. Shruti Rathod 
Tel: 022 61200268
Ms. Aneeha Neeraja Rajan  
Tel: 022 61200227


Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 1000 + 18% GST  
Non-Members  Rs. 1200 + 18% GST 

Bank Details for NEFT

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Bank Name

State Bank of India

Branch Address

Mumbai Main Branch

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”.

Webinar details will be provided to the participants, after registration.


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