Workshop on Customer Complaint to Customer Loyalty

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Event Details

Workshop on Customer Complaint to Customer Loyalty - Oct 30, 2018

Introduction :

Every customer complaint gives us an opportunity to make him a loyal customer. The more customers complain, have their problems resolved, and feel positive about the resolution experience, the stronger is the chance to repurchase & recommend. Seventy percent of complaints are caused by faulty communication. In any typical business only 4% of dissatisfied customers ‘make a noise’ and the company gets to know about it. The other 96% quietly goes away. And 91% of the dissatisfied customers will never come back. This represents a serious financial loss. 

The most dissatisfied customer is our best teacher. We get to learn from him about our lacunae, areas to improve. The complaining customer gives us another chance to satisfy him and to retain that customer. Rarely does any one appreciate customer complaints. Even if you say verbally ‘your complaints are welcome’ your body language indicates your annoyance, irritation which the customer can easily note. This will send a wrong message about your company.

Even in the finest run businesses, problems, mistakes, or even bad luck can cause customers to be dissatisfied with your products or service. Therefore managing 'customer complaints' is of utmost importance. A complaining customer will tell 8 to 10 people about his problem. Seven out of ten complaining customers will do business with you if you resolve the complaint in their favour. If you resolve it on the spot, 95% will do customer with you again.


We should be sensitive to different ways customers say good bye and determine if the customer is worth winning back then recapture these lost customers. Recapturing such lost customers and keeping them loyal to the company makes business sense. 

Objectives :

1.  To sensitize participants about the importance of loyal customers for business and the implications of customer complaints.

2.  To develop in participants a truly positive attitude towards customer complaints.

3.  To sharpen their understanding of Benchmarks of Quality Customer Service.

4.  To strengthen their skill to retain customer loyalty and Knowledge of the ‘Why’ of customer complaints.

5.  To equip participants with tools of ‘How’ to deal with customer complaints in person (face to face), over the phone, through emails & letters.

Topics Covered :

1.  Business savvy attitude towards customer complaints

2.  Importance of loyal customers for profitability

3.  Benchmarks of Quality Customer Service

4.  Understanding ‘Why’ & ‘How’ of dealing with customers complaints

5.  Responding to customer complaints in 

i)  Person (Face to Face),

ii)  Over the Phone,

iii)  Writing – Emails & Letters

6.  Golden Rules for Processing Complaints – 8 Steps

7.  Winning back a lost customer – uncovering customer’s real reasons for leaving, creating win back communication plans to regain customers trust.

Training Methodology :

Active, retention oriented training methods like Role Play, Case Study, Discussion, Simulation and Games will be used.

Dr. Lata Shetty, is the Director, Mainstream Training Centre, which offers Soft Skills Training Programmes in a variety of settings.  Qualifications: B.Sc., M.S.W., Ph.D., a gold medalist throughout her academic career and holds a Doctorate from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).




Board Room, Bombay Chamber, The Ruby, NW-4th Floor, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400028




Ms. Mani Nair
Tel. 61200223, 9833409639 
Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 3500 + 18% GST
Non-Members  Rs. 4000 + 18% GST
10% discount for more than 3 participants from same organization

Bank Details for NEFT

Account No.




Bank Name

DCB Bank

Branch Address

Mahim (024), Mumbai

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”.


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