Round Table on Actioning Circular Economy

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Event Details

Round Table on Actioning Circular Economy - Oct 17, 2018

India faces many environmental problems today. Our limited resources are under threat due to intensive depletion and serious degradation. Further, we realize that risks to our resource security are compounded due to looming threats of climate change. Policies and strategies to respond to these challenges need mainstreaming of sustainability across all developmental sectors.


Circular Economy offers a platform for all stakeholders to get involved for sustainable and inclusive development. In addition to addressing environmental sustainability, Circular Economy improvesthe businesses competitiveness, generates employment, increases green investment flows, builds on partnerships and helps in establishing transparent and inclusive governance. While there is no debate on the benefits of Circular Economy, one of the major challenges faced not just in India, but globally, is absence of a harmonized and long term action plan that is conceived and implemented at both national (federal) as well as State levels.


Actioning Circular Economy across stakeholders is also a daunting challenge. Many a times, circular economy is considered equivalent to efforts towards waste or water recycling. Its features emphasizing “reduce”, achieving “leanness”, “inclusive business models” and resulting innovation are not easily understood and practiced. There is therefore a need that experiences on circular economy are shared not just on waste recycling but also on repair, refurbishing and remanufacturing. Thus the action plan on Circular Economy needs to focus on all the stages of the Life Cycle and uses enabling policies, economic instruments and financing arrangements.

To brainstorm actioning Circular Economy, BCCI together with Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation are holding a roundtable on Actioning Circular Economy on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.


Venue  & Time:
‚ÄčThe Ruby, 4th Floor NW 29, Senapati Bapat Marg(Tulsi Pipe Road), Dadar (W), MUMBAI – 400028
25th October, 2.00pm to 5.00pm

Key Pointers :
  •  How can we promote adoption of Circular Economy in India? What are the immediate opportunities and the challenges?

  •  Informal sector plays an important role in Circular Economy. How can we formalize/strengthen India’s informal sector?

  •  What should be the model of Governance on Circular Economy for India? Should Circular Economy be legislated as done  in China?

  •  How can we track progress towards Circular Economy? What may be the outcome indicators?


Proposed Schedule :
2:00 pm
Registration with Tea/Coffee
2:30 pm
Welcome and Opening Remarks : Vijay Srirangan, DG BCCI
2:35 pm 
About the Roundtable and Introductions : Dr Prasad Modak, Ekonnect
2:40 pm
Recent Initiatives on Circular Economy in India and across the World: Invited Speakers
3:30 pm
Roundtable Discussion : Dr Prasad Modak, Ekonnect
4:45 pm
Next Steps and Closing remarks - Member Sustainability Committee
5:00 pm 
Vote of Thanks

Contact :
Ms. Aneeha Neeraja Rajan 
Tel: 022 61200227  
Ms. Shruti Rathod
Tel: 022 61200268

Participation is by invitation only.
Registration is compulsory   

‚ÄčThe Ruby, 4th Floor NW 29, Senapati Bapat Marg(Tulsi Pipe Road), Dadar (W), MUMBAI – 400028



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