Workshop on Business Analytics

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Event Details

Workshop on Business Analytics - Oct 03, 2018

Date : 3rd & 4th October

Context :

This workshop is targeted to participants who have access to various data sets in MS excel or CSV and are expected to do basis analytics to get business insight and present effectively to management.

This workshop is designed to make the executives aware how to take get business insights by analysing the Data/information available in various pockets in the organization. Executives are taught how to collate Data, convert them to Information and then get Business Insight using prudent Business Analytics Practices, Tools, Techniques and interactive visualisations.

The workshop is based on analytics case studies. Each module starts with business need/problem and while trying to meet business requirements, it unfolds the concepts, techniques and the best practices related to Business Analytics. The objective is to train the executives how to apply these Business Analytics concepts, tools and techniques using case study method and self-service Business Intelligence Software. Participants will have enough hands-on experience and be skilled enough to start Business Analytics practices at departmental level.

Coverage & Contents :

Session 1 - Introduction to Business Analytics
  •  Introduce the objective, outline and pedagogy of the workshop

  •  Set expectations, goals and limitations

  •  What is Business Analytics

  •  Learnings from thought leaders 

  •  Business Analytics adoption, challenges – survey results 

  •  Where do we start and what steps to follow

  •  What skills required and the team composition


Session 2 - Analytical Thinking - Group Exercise
  •  Setting business context

  •  Asking the right question

  •  Mapping analytics project objective with business goals/strategy 

  •  Developing and testing hypothesis

  •  Correlation is not causation

  •  Individual exercise – building cases for analytics projects

Session 3 - Understanding & Exploring Data (with hands-on)
  •  Exploring categorical and quantitative variables 

  •  Relationship between variables 

  •  Basic statistics - Correlation coefficient, Boxplot, Scatter Plot, ANNOVA test

  •  Hands-on: Applying EDA concepts using Tableau (BI tool) 

Session 4 - Visual Analytics (with hands-on)
  •  What is Visual Analytics and why it is important

  •  Group exercise on choosing appropriate chart for different business questions

  •  Best practice on visual analytics

  •  Spatial Analytics

  •  Hands-on: Visual analytics using BI tool

Session 5 - Data Management 
  •  Typical issues with raw data 

  •  Establish analytics goal & fetch relevant data 

  •  Concepts, Best practices, and Tools

  •  Data to Information journey 

  •  Data Modelling basics - Dimension, Measure, Hierarchy

  •  Overview of Business Intelligence Platform

  • Types of insights - descriptive, diagnostic, predictive , prescriptive 

  • Hands-on : Basic data management using Tableau 

Session 6 – Case study 
  •  Case Study Discussion

  •  Raising business questions

  •  Managing data and building data model for the case study using BI tool

Session 7 - Diagnostic Techniques
  •  Quickly identifying important trends and patterns 

  •  Cohort analysis

  •  Groups & Sets of Dimensions

  •  What-if analysis using Parameters

  •  Dynamically finding Top/Bottom ; Ranking across Time

  •  Level of Details

  •  Hands-on: using self-service BI Tool & the case study

Session 8 - Interactive Dashboards 
  •  Demo of few dashboards & story

  •  Score cards/KPIs

  •  Best design practices for dashboards

  •  Group Exercise – Designing dashboard for an analytics project

  •  Hands-on exercise – Building dashboards & Story using BI tool

Session 9 - Working on the case study…

Session 10 - Predictive Analytics
  •  Predictive Modelling - Overview with case studies, 

  •  Statistical Algorithms overview - Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Clustering

  •  Data Mining - Process & Strategy overview

Session 11 - Prescriptive Analytics
  •  Prescriptive Analytics - Overview with case studies

  •  Overview of Linear Programing and Integer Programing 

Session 12 - AI and Machine Learning
  •  What is AI and its applications 

  •  Machine Learning Algorithm overview

  •  Internet of Things (IoT)


Concluding Session -  Identification of Analytics Areas & Warp up :
  •  Summary of learnings 

  •  Each participant identifies decision points where analytics can help him taking more prudent decision

  •  Review expectations vs Goals 

  •  Feedback

After completing this workshop, each participant wil :
  •  Identify at least one area where he/she can apply analytics to get business insights for the company 

  •  Identify few decision points (either operational or strategic) where analytics will help to take a fact based prudent decision for the company.

  •  Gain knowledge and skills on descriptive, diagnostic and visual analytics to start doing these analytics using self-service Business Intelligence Tool

  •  Learn how to apply basic statistics to explore and understand business data

  •  Learn to effectively present the analysis to management using visualisation techniques

  •  Be aware of what is possible using predictive, prescriptive and big data analytics

Target Audience / Who Should Attend :
  Business Heads / Unit Heads
  MIS Heads
  Chief Financial Officers
  Chief Information Officer
  Chief Audit Executives
  Operations Managers
  Managers and executives working in any of the functional areas like Sales & Marketing, Accounts & Finance, Purchase, Operations, IT, Administration, HR, etc.


Participants are requested to carry their laptop (uploaded with 4GB RAM, Windows or Mac OS) for the workshop

Profile of Sushant Panda

B.Tech. from IIT, BHU, Benares and MBA from Asian Institute of Management and has 25 plus years of rich experience in various industries. Completed Applied Statistics course from Stanford Online. Attended Data Scientist hands-on workshop at Stanford University. Sushant is also certified trainer in Visual Analytics using Tableau.

Sushant has worked in various corporates like Larsen & Toubro, Tata Unisys, CMC. The Chase Manhattan Bank in various roles. In L&T he was involved in Project Management of Cement & Chemical Plants, usage of IT automation in Project Management - CAD/CAM, Software Development on Mainframe. Subsequently in his tenure with Tata Unisys as Systems Analyst, was part of Global software development team in 4GL Language.

After finishing his MBA, he worked in Hong Kong for one year as Foreign Exchange investment consultant but soon moved back to India to join CMC. At CMC he was part of the Project Management team of Bombay Stock Exchange Computerization Project - BOLT.

Just before The Chase Manhattan Bank set up its branch in India, Sushant joined The Chase Manhattan Bank as Head of IT & Banking Operations. He was completely involved in the process of Bank Branch set up from Technology and Banking Operations (Treasury, Trade Finance and Corporate Banking) prospective. He has worked on various Global IT projects during this tenure.

After having worked in various industries as employee, Sushant became an Employer as a Director at Lauren Information Technology Pvt Ltd for a decade. He was instrumental in its business growth many fold and setting up branches across India. During his tenure, Lauren grew from IBM centric business partner to a Technology Solution Provider to Large Indian & Multi National Corporates on IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, CISCO, VMWare, Citrix Technologies. He was instrumental in implementing SAP & Business Analytics Tool (IBM - COGNOS) at Lauren to increase business efficiencies.

In the year 2011, Sushant founded Syum Labs with a vision to provide Services and Skills Development in the area of Business Intelligence/Analytics, Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning. Syum provides services around Business Analytics - Consultancy, Onsite/off site Projects and skills development. Syum closely works with couple of Premium Universities in India in R&D in Advanced analytics area.

 ''The Ruby”, 4th floor, 29, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar (W), Mumbai 400028





Supriya Pandey
Tel: 61200250, 9820202236

Prashant Bais
Tel: 61200210, 9967705312
Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 5000 + 18% GST (Per Day)
Non-Members  Rs. 5500 + 18% GST (Per Day)


Bank Details for NEFT

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Bank Name

DCB Bank

Branch Address

Mahim (024), Mumbai

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”.


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