Certificate Course Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

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Event Details

Certificate Course Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology - Feb 07, 2018

Introduction :

Recently blockchain has become the buzzword for disruptive innovation with great potential to change our economy, culture and society. As a specific distributed database technology, blockchains are inherently resistant to modification of the data - once recorded; the data in a block cannot be altered retroactively. This prominent feature of blockchain is well known after the success of its early digital crypto currency applications known as Bitcoin. Nowadays more and more innovative applications are using blockchain to explore many new innovative digital financial applications and various decentralized applications that eliminate the need for 3rd party intermediaries, such as identity management, credit management, distrusted/public/shared ledger, crowd-funding, P2P insurance, smart contracts, supply chain management, online voting, medical records etc. ‚Äč


Objectives :
  • Better understand blockchain technology and its implication to security;

  • Analyze and evaluate the current status of blockchain technology and its maturity;

  • Discuss security and privacy aspects related to blockchain applications;

  • Examine means for extending on-line trust using blockchain technologies;

Provide a platform to share findings and for dialogue on policy and regulatory implications of blockchain between enterprises working on blockchain applications and regulators from various industrial-/economic sectors;

Topics covered :
  • What is a Blockchain? 

  • Distributed Ledger - Blockchain 

  • Sample Transaction: How transaction gets executed & distributed? 

  • Security: Why Blockchain is More Secure 

  • Conflicts resolutions

    •  Block chain: Smart Contracts 

    •  How Blockchain can be Hacked 

    •  Can I setup my Own Blockchain i.e private blockchain

  • Use Cases

  • How does Bitcoin work?

  • What makes Bitcoin different?

  • How secure are your Bitcoins?

  • How anonymous are Bitcoin users?

  • What determines the price of Bitcoins?

  • Bitcoin mining

  • The Role of Bitcoin Miners 

  • On the future of Bitcoin mining

  • Choose your Bitcoin wallet

  • Sending and Receiving bitcoins

  • Trading in bitcoins

  • Can cryptocurrencies be regulated?

  • Bitcoin Virtual Field tripWhat might the future hold?


Target Audience :

Financial Service Regulators, Policymakers, Mobile Network Operators, Digital Financial Service/Platform Providers, participants working in E-security.

Sachin Dedhia is an independent Cyber Crime Investigator & also a Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council, USA). Since many years he is working as a Cyber Crime Investigator and also as a security expert for IT companies, Government department Corporate’s and even individuals. He has also provided trainings to Navi Mumbai cyber cell department & also assists the Cyber Cell Departments of Mumbai Police with respect to their queries

Bombay Chamber, Mackinnon Mackenzie Bldg, 3rd Floor, Ballard Estate, Mumbai – 400001

Revati Khare || Manager - Information & Communication Technology Committee
Tel: 22 6120 0231 (M): 91 9892029473
Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 8000 +18% GST
Non-Members  Rs. 9000 +18% GST

(3 participant 10% discount, 5 participants 15% discount)


Bank Details for NEFT

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Bank Name

DCB Bank

Branch Address

Mahim (024), Mumbai

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”.


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