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Event Details

Workshop on SALES SUPERSTAR TRAINING - Jul 25, 2017

Introduction :

Top sales people have certain qualities which differentiate them from an average one. Building and strengthening relationship with customers makes a difference. Loyal customers are more critical than ever to sales. Through such customers’ recommendations and reference great sales become possible. They generate repeat sales. The purpose of the salesperson today is to build the business and to influence customer loyalty. Increase in sales happens with vibrant customer relationship, coming up with win win situations, and providing value adds whenever possible.


Super star sales person is able to control the sales process for he avoids common mistakes e.g. quoting price before building value of service, avoids rambling, asks enough questions early in the process, leaves aside his prejudices. Thorough knowledge and skill of emphasizing all the unique advantages of this entertainment service that sets it apart from others.


The most important step in the sales process is also one of the most neglected that is the close; ideally, you should attempt to close every sale. Conversions or closing of sales happen because of the intangible factors like  passion which is different from enthusiasm, persevering  and creative follow up, focus and a mind set of approaching the seventh customer after earlier 6 persons have said  “No” with the same enthusiasm; for sales is a mental game. Ability to gauge customer needs, his capacity to see value of our service, belief in self, confidence and such others also play a role. 


Objectives :

  • To develop or strengthen  a persevering, never give up attitude for sales

  • To sensitize participants about Sales Superstar Qualities

  • To develop mastery in presenting for sales by asking enough relevant questions, active listening; making an impressive opening  

  • To provide skills to control the Sales Process 

  •  To sensitize about the importance of closing sales besides presenting, handling objections; asking for business and  referrals with panache 

Programme Outline :

  • Modern concept of selling- creative selling, uncovering customer needs 

  • Thorough Preparation & Approach-  Pre Sales approach: customer’s likely  needs, competitor’s rate and offering; During sales: correct timing and duration of presentation, listening more to uncover customer’s needs and desires, handling objections; After Sales: Creative follow up to ensure a close 

  • Control of sales process- Avoiding common mistakes like quoting price before presenting the value, leaving “will calls” when calling a prospect, overcoming personal prejudices and others  

  • Qualities of star salesperson – Passion, focus, result oriented, smart use of time to strengthen customer relationship and generate more and more business,   good judgment and ability to negotiate in a proactively prepared manner

  • Closing Sales strategies – Knowing the decision makers and people who can influence him, creating a sense of urgency, anticipating possible objections and handling them with confidence eg. about price: know and communicate  how your service is better than your competitor, proactively knowing how much leeway is possible to negotiate, focus on close or at least coming closer to the close.


Action Plan:  participants will commit what they will implement and do differently to ensure effective sales

Training Methodology : Lively interactive style, Discussions, Case Study, Role play, Power Point will be used

Dr. Lata Shetty, is the Director, Mainstream Training Centre, which offers Soft Skills Training Programmes in a variety of settings.  Qualifications: B.Sc., M.S.W., Ph.D., a gold medalist throughout her academic career and holds a Doctorate from the prestigious Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS).

Board Room, Bombay Chamber, The Ruby, NW-4th Floor, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028

Ms. Mani Nair
Tel. 61200223, 9833409639 
Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 3500 +18% GST
Non-Members  Rs. 4000 +18% GST
 10% discount for more than 3 participants from same organization


Bank Details for NEFT

Beneficiary Account No.




Bank Name

State Bank of India

Branch Address

Mumbai Main Branch, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai- 400 001

MICR Code   

40000 2010

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”.


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