Workshop on Gender Sensitisation and Awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013

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Event Details

Workshop on Gender Sensitisation and Awareness of Prevention of Sexual Harassment Act 2013 - Aug 08, 2017

Overview :

Human being is social animal. To build a strong society, the man and woman, both have to complement each other. Both have some strengths and weaknesses and to understand the same, Gender Sensitisation comes in picture. This sensitivity to understand the qualities or weakness of other gender and to respect it, bring best out of the person to build a strong society, work place and nation.

The law has been formulated to safeguard the dignity of woman at work place i.e. The Sexual Harassment of Woman at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act,2013.  The Act provides for very stringent mandatory compliances for the employers and strict action against the offender. The Act also provides for mandatory awareness programmes to be conducted in every organisation. Non-Compliance of any of the provisions of the Act attracts serious penal action for employers. Thus, every employee and employer requires to know the basic provisions of the Act to avoid any legal complication.

The one day workshop is to understand the concept & insight of the law relating to Prevention of Sexual Harassment of woman at work place. The workshop will be suitable for both genders. The workshop will create a safe and healthy environment for women in the organisation resulting into better output.


Objectives :

To equip the participants to:

  • Understand stereotypes in Gender and how they are formed

  • Gender and differences in approach and communication

  • Left and Right brain loading in men and women and its impact

  • Understand the Vishakha judgement clauses 

  • Understanding the Unwelcome comments, gestures and behavior in indecent context

  • Understanding guidelines to determine and recognize these behaviors, procedures to deal with them 

  •  Preventive and remedial procedures at workplace to ensure workplace safe for women

Programme Coverage :
Activities would be conducted for the participants to introduce themselves, break the ice and encourage participation & involvement. 
  • Understand the different types existing and how they are formed – role of conditioning [Group discussion] and overcoming them

  • Gender and differences in approach and communication- its relevance and impact [Group activity]

  • Orientation to Vishakha judgment how it was formed and its clauses and new law – as well as the timelines and consequences of such incidents  

  • Understand and recognize the five types unwelcome behaviors what all behaviors are taken as Sexual Harassment, under what circumstances and where the incidents have happened for a complaint to be made  

  • Understanding the Prevention Prohibition and Redressal Act 2013 such as:

* Who are the Committee Members and Constitution, Process for filing complaint and by whom it has to be filed timelines for filing complaint and for committee to start process 

* Process to be followed by Committee and the Punishments 

* Actions in case of wrong complaints 

  • Guidelines to deal with them

* Group Role Play on five techniques to equip women to handle these situations and on Understanding the role male    employees play to be supportive– This will help them to see how they can play supportive role in the entire process

Ms. Malini Shah – A Therapist and Psychologist with over 22 years of experience. She is the Co Founder of AasthaChrysalis - Counseling Center in Mumbai and is involved in individual consultation, psychometric assessments and development center programs. She is a Post Graduate from Mumbai University in Counseling, Certified Trainer in Presentation Skills form Delta College Michigan and Situational Self Leadership II from Ken and  Blanchard.

Board Room, Bombay Chamber, The Ruby, NW-4th Floor, Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028

Ms. Mani Nair
Tel. 61200223, 9833409639 
Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 3500 +18% GST
Non-Members  Rs. 4000 +18% GST
 10% discount for more than 3 participants from same organization


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State Bank of India

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Mumbai Main Branch, Mumbai Samachar Marg, Mumbai- 400 001

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40000 2010

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