Webinar on Materialize Hidden Value to Improve Bottom-line

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Event Details

Webinar on Materialize Hidden Value to Improve Bottom-line - Feb 16, 2022

About the Webinar :

Post Covid 19 pandemic, all the organizations are trying hard to protect and or improve their top and bottom-line and business leaders are leaving no stone unturned to achieve their goal.


Immense value remains hidden in every organization irrespective of how professionally it is organized and managed, and some of the hidden value exists even as low hanging fruits, but the challenge is how to identify and materialize such value. Judiciously initiated projects not only add crores of rupees to the bottom-line but also helps in improving efficiency, productivity, and service level. But such projects are complex, long drawn, require deep understanding of cause-effect relationship, techno commercial expertise, passion, commitment, and collaborative approach else success is far than perceived.


Time :  11.00 am to 1.00 pm

Objective : 
  •  The objective of the webinar is to give an overview of the immense value that remains hidden across the organization, how it gets generated and remains unnoticed, etc.,

  •  Discuss and demonstrate two approaches that can be applied in every organization including MSME to materialize the hidden value to improve their bottom-line.


Program Outline :
Setting the context
  •  What do we mean by hidden value? The factors, potential reasons for the same

  •  Sustainable saving and other intangible benefits that an organization can achieve by materializing such value

  •  Demonstration as how to identify/assess hidden value in select areas

  •  Open discussion

Approach to unhide hidden value
Strategic Transformation
Brief discussion as what an organization can do to unfold boundless potential and opportunities.

Cost Optimization
Cost Optimization opportunities in Operational/Functional areas, administrative activities that can directly add to the bottom-line
How to analyse data and information
  •  How to study and analyse data, information

  •  Tools and Techniques to identify hidden potential

Options available to materialize hidden value
  •  What an organization can do to unhide hidden value- Hiring the services of professional agencies or self-undertake and execute projects

  •  Pros and Cons of hiring professional experts

Key Take aways :

Deep insight How hidden value gets generated and Why it Remains Hidden in Organizations

How to use Data and Information to Identify Hidden Value

Potential Areas where an organization can explore cost optimization projects

Prerequisite for successful completion of Cost Optimization Project 

Target Audience :

Business Owner



Head of Strategic/Cost Optimization Initiatives

Business Heads


Mr. Chiranjeev Soni is a Chartered Accountant having over 24 years of experience which includes heading Internal Audit and ERM function of Bajaj Electricals, BDMC, KLT Auto., devising Policies and SOPs, supplementing adoption of new technologies /tools and played instrumental role in institutionalizing control, creating risk awareness, cost consciousness, efficiency, Ethical and Compliance culture across the organization.

Mr. Soni has done short course from IIM B and proven track record of executing cost optimization projects for various corporates including bank and delivering sustainable saving, and was a speaker at various platforms like WIRC (ICAI), Chamber of Tax Consultant and RiskPro on topics like IFC, ERM, Risk Based Internal Audit and Corporate Governance.

Business Model Authored by the Speaker

“Enterprise Inner Management (EIM)"

It’s a Business Transformation Model devised on very scientific parameters, to help assess and provide deep insight into how well an organization is internally designed, organized and managed, precisely pinpointing what, where, why and who needs to intervene to set internals right, capitalize strength and get an edge over competition.

True IN” Model

This Model is devised based on Universal Science and assesses people on basis of their intrinsic qualities hence, useful for every organization irrespective of its size, sector, Indian or MNC. This Model helps transform the way organizations recruit, retain, job rotation, promote, develop, and impart training to their high-potential talent to accomplish organization goals.

Webinar details will be provided to the participants, after registration.


Ms. Tarini Hattangdi

Email :  tarini.h@bombaychamber.com

Ms. Manali Shinde

Email :  agri1@bombaychamber.com


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