Workshop on Corporate Etiquette

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Event Details

Workshop on Corporate Etiquette - Oct 21, 2021

Introduction :

Success in any industry relies on relationships: with co-workers, clients, suppliers, or investors. When you are polite and considerate in dealing with others, you’re more likely to create engaging, productive, and long-term business relationships. This is why a knowledge of business etiquette is vital. This workshop will introduce participants to the principles of building and maintaining professional relationships, as well as providing practical guidance for typical workplace situations.

Time :  09.30 am to 05.30 pm

Course Objective :

Greater awareness of grooming and etiquette skills will help you to increase your poise and confidence. This will significantly change the impact that you have in any formal, professional and social situation.

Course Modules :
1. Making a Great First Impression
  •  How to present yourself to people

  •  How to make proper introductions, Paying & Receiving Compliments, Small Talk &

  •  Networking

  •  Personal Grooming

  •  Developing Your Professional and Personal Image 

2. Greeting and Introductions
  •  Greeting Components

  •  The Protocol of Shaking Hands

  •  Introduction

  •  Introductory Scenarios

  •  Addressing Individuals ( Seniors, Subordinates, and Juniors )

3. Communication skills in the office
  •  Importance of communication

  •  The flow of the communication process

  •  Barriers in the communication process

  •  Verbal communication 

  •  Listening

  •  Body language

4. Telephone Etiquette
  •  Cellular-phone Etiquette

  •  Voice-mail etiquette

  •  Telephone etiquette - one-on-one conversations

  •  Telephone etiquette - conference calls

5. Meeting Etiquette
  •  Do's and Don’ts

  •  Conveying respect in a meeting

  •  Handling interruptions

6. E-mail Etiquette
  •  Opening and Closing

  •  Tone of messages

  •  Courtesy

  •  Usage of fonts

7. Video Conferencing/ Skype/ Netiquette
  •  Video Conference

  •  Guidelines and Dos and Don'ts

8. Working efficiently and effectively
  •  Organizing your desk 

  •  Time management

  •  Increasing productivity

  •  Work simplification

  •  Schedules

  •  Tickler files

  •  Appointments

  •  Messages/ mail/to-do lists

  •  Office safety and health

9. Business meeting
  •  Planning for the meeting 

  •  Date and time

  •  List of attendees

  •  Location of meeting

  •  Guest speaker or speakers

  •  The agenda

  •  Finalizing meeting arrangements

  •  Use reminder systems

  •  Taking, preparing, and distributing minutes of the meeting

  •  Documentation 

  •  Professionalization of manpower for meetings and conventions

10. Dining Etiquette
  •  Know what not to do at the dining table

  •  Choose the correct eating utensil and use it properly

  •  Know the differences between American and Continental (European) dining styles

  •  Show confidence as a host, guest, or guest of honor

  •  Read a place setting to determine what comes next and what to expect

  •  Spot the differences of formal seating for social dining vs. formal seating for business dining

  •  Navigate the meal - 1 course to 7 course

  •  How to eat a variety of tricky foods

  •  Identify world-class table manners

Learning Outcomes :
The participants will -
  •  Enhance their social skills

  •  Have greater confidence to interact with people from all walks of life

  •  Be able to make a positive first impression

  •  Be able to make a lasting impression

  •  Improve in overall appearance

Who Should Attend ?

This program is for Supervisors, Managers, Executives, or anyone who is dealing with clients and customers.

Ms. Archana Shastry is known for her passion for training and her exquisite sense of humor in her circle. A postgraduate in English she started off in the field of Education, trained internationally, toyed with content development, and worked as an 'Academic Head' for Stanford English Academy on Pan India International Students Skill Development. She carries almost two decades of work experience including international training.

Bombay Chamber,

The Ruby, 4th floor, 29, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar(W), Mumbai 400028


Ms. Divya. Pongde

Email -

Mob - 8169240082

Participation Fee :   
Members  Rs. 3,500 + 18% GST  
Non-Members  Rs. 5,000 + 18% GST 

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State Bank of India

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Mumbai Main Branch

Cheque /Demand Draft should be drawn in favor of “BOMBAY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY”


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