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Government of Maharashtra notifies SOPs for micro containment zones   Apr 18, 2021

Definition : 
a. Micro Containment Zone (MCZ) means any delineated area so declared by local disaster management authority (DMA). 
b. Without prejudice to generality of this definition and authority of the local oMA, following would be observed: 

1. Any Cooperative Housing Society having more than 5 COVID 19 positive cases ( who are present in the Housing Society/Building) will be declared as a micro containment zone. In case there are multiple number of buildings in the CHS, local DMA has to decide whether all the cases are in such a limited area that can be practically isolated (no porous boundary) so that this SOP is strictly implementable and if so they may declare that as MCZ. The local authority may take appropriate decisions on case to case basis. However al the common utilities must be closed down even if one building out of multiple buildings in the society is declared MCZ. 

2. In case of localities containing more tha:n one society or larger geographical area, local DMA must decide on the MCZ boundaries by the principle of inclusion of all that area that makes the zone as unambiguously delineated and current SOP implementable in letter and spirit. 

Copy of notification attached   



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