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Mah Govt issues Notification for regulating attendance of its employees and disciplinary action against those who have left headquarters without permission   Jun 05, 2020

The Government of Maharashtra has issued a notification dated 5th June 2020 for ensuring attendance of its employees and payment of wages for absence.

The Notification observes that some officers / staff of the department have been remaining absent without prior permission during the lockdown period and have left for their native places, thus putting undue stress on the staff present in the office.  The State Government has therefore issued the following instructions:

1.     Each department should prepare a roster for all its subordinate employees / officers in which each or every employee / officer should be present in the office at least one day in a week.

2.    It will be mandatory for all employees to be present in the office at least one day in a week except for employees who are on pre-approved leave or for medical reasons.  The Head of the Department, Establishment Branch should issue an order regarding the date of attendance of the said employee.

3.    All officers / staff are required to be present in the office on the date of attendance assigned to them.  

4.    Disciplinary to be taken against  the officers / employees who have left the headquarters without permission during the period of the lock down.

5.    If an employee is absent on the specified dates, the absence of the employee for that week may be considered as paid and permissible earned or unpaid leave. 

6.    If an employee has been ordered to be present on more than one day of the week, then except for the days on which the employee is present, the absence of other days of the week may be considered as paid and permissible earned or as unpaid leave. 

7.    The Drawing and Disbursement Officer should draw the salary payments keeping in view the presence of the employees and along with the payment, a certificate need to be attached mentioning as “I have ensured that the salary has been drawn only for the period of attendance considering the instructions dated June 5, 2020 vide Government Circular no. (102020 / Q. No. 01 / Secretary (Expenditure).  

6.   The  Orders will come into force from June 08, 2020. They will also be applicable to all Government Offices and Government-run Corporations, Establishments.

A copy of the Notification is attached. Kindly refer to the original version. The above is a near english translation and in case of any discrepancy the original version would prevail      


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