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Mah Govt issues Notification permitting its employees to carry out official work by email and using Whatsapp   Jun 05, 2020

The Notification states that due to COVID 19 the presence of state government office staff during the lockdown period is being limited.  Also, in view of such situations arising in future also, the Government Officials / Employees should take measures to dispose of administrative work as per office requirements and expeditiously even while staying at home.  For this purpose, Government emails (such as NIC mail, etc.), other emails in their regular use as well as WhatsApp can be used for administrative and other work as well as for giving instructions / orders to all concerned.

The following instructions are being given to all State Government Officers / Employees

a)    Each Officer / Employee, should provide their Government E-mail ID / other e-mail ID in their regular use as well as mobile number with SMS / WhatsApp facility to their respective departmental heads.  

b)    There must be maximum disposal of work as possible using official e-mail ID / other e-mail IDs in their regular use as well as by using WhatsApp.

c)    After forwarding the proposal through e-mail, care should be taken to give notice to the concerned persons through SMS / WhatsApp immediately.  

d)   The proposal submitted for final approval (forwarded proposal) by email as instructions received from the seniors in the said manner shall be deemed to have been seen, examined and approved by the officers at both the submission and final approval levels.

The above instructions will continue to apply until further notice.

Copy of the Notification is attached.. The above is near english translation. Kindly refer to the original notification for complete details       


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