Maharashtra Government Notification - No deduction in Wages for lockdown period

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Maharashtra Government Notification - No deduction in Wages for lockdown period   Mar 31, 2020

The Government of Maharashtra, under powers conferred upon it under Section 24 of the Disaster Management Act 2005 has, vide notification dated 31st March 2020 issued the following directions:

All Private Establishments, Factories, Shops, Companies, etc are should pay full wages and allowances to all their employees, including contract labour, outsourced emplyees, fixed term employees and daily wagers who are required to remain at home on account of the lock down orders issued by the State Government. The aforesaid orders will apply to all shops and establishments. The Notification further states that there should be strict compliance thereof.

Section 24 of the Disaster Managerment Act 2005 is reproduced herebelow:
"24. Powers and functions of State Executive Committee in the event of threatening disaster situation.—For the purpose of, assisting and protecting the community affected by disaster or providing relief to such community or, preventing or combating disruption or dealing with the effects of any threatening disaster situation, the State Executive Committee may

(l) take such steps as the Central Government or the State Government may direct in this regard or take such other steps as are required or warranted by the form of any threatening disaster situation or disaster."

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