GST Transition and Impact

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Please click here for Bombay Chamber GST Registration number (GSTIN)    Jun 30, 2017

Dear Member,   


Subject: GST Transition and Impact


We sincerely thank you for your support in mobilization business and look forward to your continued patronage.
Please note few important points in GST:
     Benefits of Exemption limit for Small Tax Payers : Threshold limit for exemption in a financial year  will be Rs. 20 Lakhs (Rs. 10 Lakhs for Special Category states). If your aggregate turnover in a financial year is above the threshold limit for exemption of Rs. 20Lakh (Rs. 10 Lakhs for Special Category states), you are required to obtain GST registration no and furnish the same to us. Please take help from your tax consultants in this respect.
      Important of Location/ Nature of Supply: Since GST is based on location / address from where services are being rendered, we will require your correct address with state besides other information as mentioned in the attached format.


      Elaborate Rules are provided for determining the place of supply.


Intra-State supply of goods or services – where the location of the supplier and the place of supply are in the same state.
Inter- state supply of goods or services – where the location of the supplier and the place of supply are in different state.
      Importance of time and values of supply : Elaborate rules devised for determining the time of supply of goods or services with following being crucial determinants with certain exceptions :
- Date on which supplier issues invoice
- Date on which supplier receives the payment, whichever is earlier
- Tax is to pay on transaction value of supply generally i.e. the price actually paid or payable for the supply of goods or services.

       Importance of GST Registration Number : To claim GST input credit, on e needs to file proper return along with correct GST Registration Number of service provider in order to avail free flow of input credit.

      Importance of Tax Invoice: The GST process requires that for the consideration related to goods/services provided by you, you need to raise a tax invoice as per the provisional of GST law on Bombay chamber of Commerce and Industry.


In order to enable you to update your masters, the following are our GST registration details:
Basic  Details
Bombay Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Manufacturer/Dealer/Service Provider
Service Provider
The Ruby, 4th Floor, NW, 29 Senapati Bapat Marg, (Tulsi Pipe Road), Dadar (West), Mumbai – 400 028
Name of the Contact Person
Ketan Kule
Landline /Mobile
Email ID
Provisional /  Final Registration
We request you to provide us certain mandatory details including GST registration number in the attached format. We encourage you to ensure proper compliance under the GST regime at your end to avoid and dispute and denial of credit to the Company.
Warm Regards
For Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Bombay Chamber Members - Submit your GST details here  


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