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Supplier Sustainability Toolkit (A Guideline for Small & Medium Enterprises)

5 November, 2018
Bombay Chamber released the booklet on Supplier Sustainability Toolkit (A Guideline for Small & Medium Enterprises) on October 16, 2018 during 183rd Foundation Day Celebrations.
There is tremendous pressure on the natural environment today along with escalating concerns around fast depleting finite resources. Governments, communities, investors and consumers among others are demanding that enterprises do business in a sustainable manner. It has become clear that a sustainable supply chain is a key to a sustainable future; many large enterprises recognize the need to invest in sustainability beyond their own operations and help create reliable and responsible supply chains. This contributes to success in the globalized and dynamic world of today.

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) - being an integral part of the supply chain of large companies are also facing the pressure of doing business in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is fast becoming a minimum requirement for remaining relevant in the current business environment - especially for those SMEs that seek to engage with governments and large companies. In this backdrop Bombay Chamber released a “Supplier Sustainability Toolkit”- a Guideline for Medium and Small Enterprises.

* Disclamer * : Views expressed above are authors own

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